“Compelled to examine this contemporary subculture, Bertucci traveled to various tattoo conventions in the United States and abroad, photographing women ages 19 to 59 both in her studio and on location. Here, Bertucci chooses to frame her subjects in simple, timeless poses that both formally accentuate the female figure and poetically delineate their illustrious tattoos. Bertucci’s imagery and execution can be referenced back to classical portrait paintings, yet contradicts the historical view of the ‘anonymous muse’ by including image titles that reveal a name, age and occupation. This incongruity renders a complex window through which the viewer’s perspective of time and era is blurred.”

Lina lives and works in New York City. She completed her M.F.A in photography at Pratt Institute in New York and received her B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin. Her photos have appeared in Vogue, Life, Entertainment Weekly, and The Village Voice.

*Contains nudity

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lina-bertucci-5-arizonaArizona, 25, Dancer/Tattoo Apprentice

lina-bertucci-6-jamieJamie, 29, Stay at Home Mother

lina-bertucci-7-magdaMagda, 27, Tattoo Assistant

lina-bertucci-8-suSu, 27, Tattoo Artist

lina-bertucci-9-frenchLea, 29, Tattoo Artist

lina-bertucci-11-ebbaEbba, 23, Artist/Tattoo Boat Convention Promoter

lina-bertucci-13-ciaraCiara, 21, Student / Women’s Politics & Sexual Education

lina-bertucci-17-jleeJennifer Lee, 24, Make-Up Artist / Fashion Designer

View more of Lina’s work at linabertucci.com.

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