The Tattooed Poster - 1

Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio developed a poster that interwove the most important events of 2011 into one huge tattoo. History was tattooed onto calfskin to promote the art of tattooing in its most authentic form – on real skin.

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The Tattooed Poster - 2

The Tattooed Poster - 4
The Tattooed Poster - 3


Client: Chaos Crew Tattoo Studio
Agency: serviceplan campaign 3
Chief Creative Officer: Alex SchillExecutive Creative Officer: Christoph Everke
Creative Director: Alexander Nagel & Cosimo Möller
Art Director: Mathias Nösel & Steffen Baumgartl
Graphic Design: Kathrin Joba, Film: Mathias Nösel
Illustration: Christian Mittelmaier & Levent Aydin
Copywriter: Moritz Dornig
Account: Michaela Krietsch
Tattoo Artists: Alex Neumie & Maike

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