Tattoo Age: Mutsuo Part 3 (Video)

Episode 3 of the Mutsuo Tattoo Age Series by Vice.

Mutsuo wraps up his Tattoo Age series by taking a little trip to his hometown. After a brief tour of the local temples, and a quick trip to his house, we sit down with Mutsuo for a philosophical take on what tattooing means to him. Enjoy.

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Tattoo Age: Mutsuo Part 2 (Video)

Episode 2 of the Mutsuo Tattoo Age Series by Vice.

“In this episode of Tattoo Age we delve into the history of Three Tides Tattoo. We hear from Mutsuo, Chris Garver, and Masa Sakamoto, as they give us insight into how western-style tattooing gained ground in Japan after the 1999 Tokyo Convention. We also hear about all the guest artists who have contributed to making Mutsuo the artist he is today.”

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Tattoo Age: Mutsuo Part 1 (Video)

Episode 1 of the Mutsuo Tattoo Age Series by Vice.

This series revolves around an artist named Mutsuo who tattoos at the world-famous Three Tides Tattoo in Osaka, Japan. Mutsuo went from being one of the shop’s first customers to its first apprentice, and now he is considered its most senior tattoo artist. He learned the trade from all the American tattoo masters who visited Three Tides, and got what Chris Garver calls “a 90s-style tattoo education.”

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Tattoo Age: Season 2 (Trailer)

Tattoo Age is back. In Season Two VICE travels the world to feature different artists from all ends of the tattoo spectrum, including Valerie Vargas of the UK, Mutsuo of Japan, and Thom deVita of New York City. Each artists’ episodes will include three installments, airing every Wednesday on VICE.COM.

First up – Valerie Vargas, whose first installment will air next Wednesday, September 12th.

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